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[22 Mar 2010|06:15pm]

something I finished up last fall on a guy...Michael and the Dragon --backpieceCollapse )
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[25 Mar 2008|11:49pm]

Hi everyone. I am new here. I currently have one tattoo, a memorial for my brother.

I found my next one BUT i want to look at other types of it to see if i like the saying however i have run into a problem. I don't know what kind of tattoo its called.

its one of those where if you look at it right side up it says one thing.
& look at it upside down it says another.

the one I found that i like says
& 'growth'.

I really need some help. I want to get it soon but I want to make sure theres no more out there i like.
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Tat It Up [25 Mar 2008|09:59pm]

[ mood | blank ]

 I took my mom to get her first tattoo today.  She grew a pair and got it bigger and across the top of her foot. She is one badass old woman now. NEXT mission...another tattoo for me. : ) Any ideas? Inspiration has run dry for me....& I haven't heard/seen anything intriguing in such a long time.

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New [18 Mar 2008|11:03am]

A couple of my tattoo designs :)

Read more...Collapse )
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words... [12 Sep 2007|01:05am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey all,

I kind of need ideas. Basically, I have a bunch of words (song lyrics, actually...a lot of them) that I want to get as tattoos. My favorite tattoo of the ones I already have are the ones with words...and I want more. But I can't really think of a good way to do it...I was thinking I'd just put them all together, but I don't want it to look retarded...someone suggested just having the words wrap around my arm continuously but...I'm not a HUGE fan of the idea, but maybe it's just cause I can't picture how it would look. Originally I was going to get some of them on ribbons...but who wants like 80 ribbon/word tats? Not me. Plus, ribbons don't look too great if they're too long/big/whatever. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

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[23 May 2007|09:48pm]

MOST IMPORTANT: I want to get my boyfriend a book about sailor jerry, or a book of sailor jerry art, OR a cool history of tattoos book, any suggestions?

SECONDARY: does anyone know of a site that talks about the traditional meaning of tattoos...something that goes a little deeper than "flowers mean beauty"?

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[08 May 2007|06:42am]
I've got tattoo designs for various parts of my body:
the outside of my left thigh
upper right arm
lower back
shoulder blade
right wrist
just below the inside of my elbow

Now this will be my first and the reason that i've collected so many designs and haven't gotten any done is 'cause A)I can't decide and B)I'm scurrrrrrrrrred (i'm a baby btw)

Which should I go for since it'll be my first?

xposted to another community
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x-posted...cause I'm pissed... [29 Apr 2007|02:21am]


Some girl (plainjane11) straight-up copied my tattoo.

Let me know what you think...Collapse )
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Looking for... [04 Apr 2007|09:08am]

Sinister Tattoo Magazine is currently seeking to hire an individual with a fair amount of web page design/development experience [though no prof. exp required] to develop or magazine’s web site and presence. Position will involve designing our homepage, periodic updating, troubleshooting and promoting. Individual will work closely with the editor and be expected to fulfill editor’s requests and bring forth envisioned results.
Interested? Apply to – sinister_tattoo@yahoo.com
Further details will be provided to those interested.
Please provide a brief summary of web experience.
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Re-posting.... [03 Apr 2007|08:05am]


We at Sinister Tattoo Magazine are looking to hire a few folks interested in working for Sinister by attending various tattoo conventions. Those interested must be available to attend selected conventions and be willing to perform interviews, hand out magazine info –to those interested and do some  photographing.


We’re looking for folks in:  California (2), Canada, Texas & Chicago areas.


Further details such as compensation and such provided to those interested. To apply simply email us ASAP at-




Positions will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.


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Looking for a few folks [02 Apr 2007|08:42am]

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Bad ink stories needed [26 Mar 2007|10:21am]


I need you help...
Have bad ink? Is it so bad that you hide it or maybe it’s just one of those that didn’t turn out like it was supposed to? Sinister Tattoo Magazine is looking for your bad tattoo stories.


Tell us your story…Let us give it its last rites and exorcise the demons of a bad ink job. Let’s face it- a bad tattoo is a nightmare and what better way to deal with a nightmare than to share it?


Email us a pic of your bad tattoo and a brief description of why it’s so bad and if your pic is chosen for print then Sinister Tattoo Magazine will help cover the cost of either fixing it or covering it up at your chosen tattoo studio.


Send your entries to- sinister_Tattoo@yahoo.com

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[25 Mar 2007|07:08pm]


Little Bunny FooFoo and Roy G. Biv (a.k.a. Meester Owell)...Collapse )
(x-posted like a bitch)
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Shop/artists testimonials wanted [21 Mar 2007|09:46am]


Has your tattoo artist done some great dark work or maybe your piercer has been invaluable in your attainment of that terrific extreme mod …Will you not let anyone else ink your skin or pierce your flesh? Then we want to hear from you! SINISTER TATTOO is always looking for testimonials/recommendations on tattoo artists, piercers and shops that do great dark /twisted or extreme work. You know that word of mouth is important and invaluable so why not help support your favorite artist? Help someone who may be searching for their artists/shop.


Send us your testimonials- include your first name, artist/shop info, perhaps a pic of their work along with your written testimonial. We look forward to hearing from you all!



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Dark tattoo submisions needed [17 Mar 2007|09:47am]


Hey guys I'm looking for some help...Several tattoo/body piercing shops in my area are collaberating and putting together a new professional print tattoo magazine...

SINISTER TATTOO Mag. is a groundbreaking new tattoo magazine devoted to the darker side of tattoos, you know - the skulls, monsters, the gothic, horrifying, bloody, spooky, twisted and unusual ink that we have on our flesh. As such we are looking for folks who’d like to share their tattoos and be a part of our debut issue.


It doesn’t matter what you have or how big it is as long as it is ‘dark or twisted’ in some way. If you’ve got one or two or more show them off and go ahead and send it to us and be a part of this groundbreaking new magazine!


All submissions will receive 2 issues of Sinister Tattoo magazine.


Send us your pictures to – sinister_tattoo@yahoo.com.

Or you can snail mail them to- Sinister Tattoo Magazine

                                                c/o Mario Furtado

                                                203 Main st   #130

                                                Flemington, NJ 08822


Please include your first name, artist’s name and/or shop, city & state.

DEADLINE IS APRIL 30 for the summer 07 issue.


We haven’t forgotten those of you with metal….we want you too! Got an extreme body mod? Proud of the gauge you’re at? Got more metal than flesh in your ears?  Show it off!

Send us pics of your extreme/ hardcore body mods for inclusion in our debut issue!


Got a total tattoo horror story? A piece that is so bad you think it should never see the light of day? Or just one that the artist totally crapped out on?  Share it with us and tell us your story. Mail us a pic and sound off in our special section.


FREE ad space available for interested artists/shops. Plenty of available sizes! If interested please email me at -  sinister_tattoo@yahoo.com


Don’t be afraid to show off that wonderfully dark and spooky or totally twisted piece!

Get the word out to your friends!

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mom/dad tattoos. [02 Mar 2007|03:05am]
i have a very vague idea for my next tattoo. i want to get mom and dad-related pieces, but i'm not sure what exactly i want in the design. so, how did you guys come up with your mom & dad tattoos? what type of things about them did you take into consideration? i know i've seen ones that have things having to do with the mom/dad's job, but what else did you think about when you were trying to design yours? i'm not out to steal ideas, just start thinking about what i could put into the tattoos that relate to/remind me of them =] luckily, i probably won't get it until sometime during the summer after my 17th birthday (if i'm even sure enough of the designs by then), so i have awhile to think about it, haha.
thanks for any help you guys could offer.
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Article [21 Feb 2007|04:34am]

Madame Lazonga, a renowned Seattle tattoo artist, discusses the spiritual side of body art

I have long admired her work!
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freshly "inked" [03 Dec 2006|04:45pm]

[ mood | content ]

Well, I come with a piece offering as a newbie :D I’m currently working on the inside layout of the half-sleeve and although I’m not fond of showing semi-completed work, it’s what’s current. 

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Some helpful links & a few questions [27 Aug 2006|10:02pm]
Some helpful resourcesCollapse )

A question -- especially for those of you with phoenix tattoosCollapse )

*x-posted, so sorry if you see this more than once
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Need a design drawn up? [10 Jul 2006|02:07pm]
Hey guys. I just set up a new journal, design_my_ink. In that journal, I'll take requests for tattoo designs and draw up the design for you. It's free to have me draw them up. The only thing I ask is that if you ever get my design tattooed on you, send me a picture and other information (which is stated in my journal) so I can use it for my portfolio.
The reason I'm doing this is because I need to practice drawings for people other than myself and a few friends, and I'd like to get an apprenticeship one day and eventually become a tattoo artist.
So please, check out the journal, make requests, tell your friends, etc. Thanks!!


*If this isn't allowed, tell me and I'll delete it.
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Pics of your tatts, please? [04 Jul 2006|04:46pm]
I've been thinking about starting to draw up ideas for chest & back pieces, as well as sleeves and a few other spots. I want to get started on them now so that I can add to the designs, change designs, etc over the next 2-3 years and be able to sit on the same designs, once I think I'm finished, to make sure that's what I definitely want.
If you could post pics of your:
  • "Girly" tattoos-- skulls with bows, modified teddy bears, modified hello kitty, modified dolls, etc

  • Dia de los Muertos skulls

  • Classic video games-- atari, nintendo, sega genesis, and characters such as mario/the stars & mushrooms, pac-man, sonic, tmnt, and so on

  • Flowers-- any kind

  • Celtic/mythological

  • Pinups, especially Vargas-inspired

  • Anything related to art.. especially graphic design or photography.

  • This may be a long shot, but I've seen a girl that had cupcakes/kiddie stuff but with crossbones & wings I believe?, and it was super cute. I'd love to see that again (I can't find it!).

    I know this seems like a weird mix of things, but it's not going to all be included in one piece or anything obviously, heh.

    One more question (sorry to bother you guys!) but for those of you with mom & dad tattoos, how did you decide on what image to use? Did you go by occupations, something they love, something that reminds you of them? Thanks for any help, I'm extremely appreciative :)
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Custom Tattoo Designs [28 Jun 2006|07:10pm]


For starters, my name is Ashley, but everyone calls me Shane. Thought I'd get that out of the way since if you get a design from me the billing information will say Ashley. Figured it would be good to clear that up to avoid confusion.

Basically, my job is to make all your tattoo design ideas come through. You have an idea, even if it's just the smallest one, for some ink? Just bring it to me, and we can work together to make the best piece work for you.

I conduct my business through the internet (ie. instant messenger, email, myspace...etc), and I use a paypal account for the billing.

Pricing all depends on the size, detail, and work time I spend on the piece. We will work out the price during the process, or prior. It's all negotiable.

Feel free to add my journal and contact me anytime.

PS. If this post is not allowed, please let me know and I'll take it down with no problem.

x-posted like holy heck
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[26 Jun 2006|06:24pm]

i'm getting a half sleeve, with the main theme being power lines and birds.
except i'm having a hard time designing it, or thinking or ways to incorporate powerlines/telephone poles into a have sleeve.

any ideas?
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First picture post [12 Jun 2006|02:39pm]
Sorry I haven't posted pictures lately. I haven't had internet access since before my birthday, so it's been hard to get on LJ much. Check 'em out, tell me what you think.

16th birthday present/my first inkCollapse )

Sorry about the pictures; the tattoos look much better in person. It's sort of hard taking pictures of the backs of your own calves.
Anyway.. they were done by Mike at Paradise Lost Tattoos in Kutztown, PA and I'm super happy about how they came out. I LOVE them! If anyone is looking for a place to go for ink in the Eastern/Central PA area, go to Paradise Lost. All the guys there are great artists and really nice people :)

PS- I'll have more up later of while it was getting done, but I haven't gotten them from my dad yet. Should be up by tomorrow or Wednesday.
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new..some questions [19 May 2006|04:42pm]
hey guys, im new. my name is brieanna, and im 15 (turning 16 on june 7th). im going to be taking some drawings/ideas to an artist as soon as i find a shop and then hopefully making an appointment to get my first tattoo close to/on my birthday. dont worry, im not asking where i can get it done illegally.. a parent will be there and its perfectly legal in PA to get tattooed under 18 as long as a parent/guardian is there. i know exactly what i want and ive had the design set in stone for about 1 1/2-2 years now. ive also drawn it on me day after day in sharpie in the same spot for months to make sure i never got tired of it. i never got tired of the actual design (i loved it), just got tired of drawing it on ;) anyways, you can see ive done, or at least im TRYING to do, my homework before i go and get something permanent put on me. this is why i need to ask you guys a few questions.. sorry if you've gotten any of these before im just trying to find out as much as possible so i dont put anything on me that i'll regret.

1. can anyone in eastern/southeastern PA (anywhere from levittown/philly area out to lancaster, kutztown, allentown) recommend any shops that do good, quality tattoos esp oldschool/traditional or celtic? price really isnt an issue; i'd much rather pay more for a good tattoo than something im going to regret.
2. if you've gotten tattoos done at any shops in that area, would you please post pictures of them (if you have them) and tell me how your experience was, if you were satisfied with their work, did you have to go back for re-coloring, etc? any warnings on where NOT to go around here?
3. has anyone gone to transcending flesh tattoo in lancaster or paradise lost in kutztown? what were your experiences? were you satisfied with the work?
4. any tips for drawing up your design before bringing it into an artist?

please let me know if this sort of post isnt allowed.. if its not, ill delete it. thanks for any help :)
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ink + keliods = ...? [15 May 2006|02:01pm]

Hey. Im new. & I have a question & need all of your help.

I have the annoying DNA strand that makes my skin keloid. However, I've wanted to get a tattoo for the longest time....

Anyone with expierence, please give me your thoughts on tattooing someone (even piercing someone if you have info on that too) who keloids. Is it safe? Is it a bad idea? Any info woud be helpful. (And for the record, I am 100% sure I have keloiding skin.)

Thanks in advance!
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[13 Apr 2006|07:24pm]

Hihi! So, I'm looking to get the traditional collar-bone sparrows, but I want to draw them myself. I might not even get sparrows, actually... but could anyone with bird tattoos please post? I need some inspiration! Thanks so much!
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[22 Mar 2006|03:12pm]
Do you live in the Seattle area?

Are you interested in body modification (well duh, you belong to this community)?

There's a new MeetUp group that has been started, for those interested. There are currently only 3 active Body Modification communities on MeetUp, worldwide, and I would LOVE to make Seattle's the biggest and best.

The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 30th @ 7:00PM.

Suggestions for the first place of meeting (anywhere within an hour of Seattle is being considered) are being taken. Currently, the meeting is set for a Denny's in Everett, right off the 5.

Please visit http://bodymod.meetup.com/172 for more information. Hope to see you there! :)
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[26 Feb 2006|04:09pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I know this question might suck cause I don't have a picture:

But I was wondering how much a tattoo would cost if I were to get it on my shoulder. Like kinda covering my shoulder blade and going down a bit...cause I want to get a fish. Not just any ordinary fish we're thinking about here. The ones with like colorful fins and such. And I want it to curve with the curve of my shoulder...does that even make sense? If so, how much would it be...color and all?

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x-posted to bmezine [17 Jan 2006|06:15pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hello :) Just randomly postin my ink up for you guys to see.
Its not as fantastic as majority of most of your's, but they are my 1st 3 :)
(all drawn up by me)

3+Collapse )


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