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First picture post

Sorry I haven't posted pictures lately. I haven't had internet access since before my birthday, so it's been hard to get on LJ much. Check 'em out, tell me what you think.

(Says "For those I love")

Closeup of left calf. Sorry it's such a bad picture.. it was right after I got home from having them done.

(Says "I will sacrifice")

Closeup of right calf.

Sorry about the pictures; the tattoos look much better in person. It's sort of hard taking pictures of the backs of your own calves.
Anyway.. they were done by Mike at Paradise Lost Tattoos in Kutztown, PA and I'm super happy about how they came out. I LOVE them! If anyone is looking for a place to go for ink in the Eastern/Central PA area, go to Paradise Lost. All the guys there are great artists and really nice people :)

PS- I'll have more up later of while it was getting done, but I haven't gotten them from my dad yet. Should be up by tomorrow or Wednesday.
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