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Some helpful links & a few questions






http://www.cartoonworld.org/lineartgallery/ All cartoon, line art type stuff

http://icom.museum/vlmp/galleries.html Directory of art museums


http://www.buddhanet.net/ftp01.htm Buddhist art. I was truly amazed by many of the works on there.

http://www.abcgallery.com/ Helpful if you know what artist or type of art you're looking for.

http://www.bluebottleart.com/index.php There are SOOO many cute works on there! I'm not usually a fan of robots, but I do like this girl's robots.

I've also found that many of the major art museums have galleries online, and that can help too if you're looking for a more famous artist, or if you just want to browse.
Hope these links help some of you. The art I looked at on those sites, for the most part, was beautiful! :)

So I've been looking for a phoenix because I had this (what I think is) awesome idea for a sleeve. I haven't really found ones I like; they've all been too... well... ugly. My friend who served in the military overseas told me to try looking under the name "simorg". It's the phoenix from Arabic mythology. Well, surprise surprise.. when using that word, I found a site with lots of beautiful phoenixes and other mythological creatures, but I really fell in love with one. The problem is, I can't right click on it and it's not really big enough. The one I love is here under where it says "which blazed up forthwith." It's the really colorful one. Anyways, my question is, have you guys seen any ones like that? I have awhile to go before I get my sleeve (at least two years) but I'm trying to find out who the artist is, or at least where I can find a bigger picture of it so I can start on ideas, etc.
Also, feel free to show me any other sites with pictures of phoenixes on them. I've looked through Google but nothing really hit me. I'm working on BME too, so don't worry, I'm not trying to make you do my work for me! Haha :) If you've got a phoenix tattoo, preferably completed/with or without color, PLEASE show me. I don't want to rip your tattoos off whatsoever, I'm just looking for vague ideas to go from.
Last question, I promise. How did you guys think up ideas for your filler when doing sleeves? Thank you sooo much!

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