Corbeau Gothique de Cruror (ravenmdf) wrote in ink,
Corbeau Gothique de Cruror

Shop/artists testimonials wanted

Has your tattoo artist done some great dark work or maybe your piercer has been invaluable in your attainment of that terrific extreme mod …Will you not let anyone else ink your skin or pierce your flesh? Then we want to hear from you! SINISTER TATTOO is always looking for testimonials/recommendations on tattoo artists, piercers and shops that do great dark /twisted or extreme work. You know that word of mouth is important and invaluable so why not help support your favorite artist? Help someone who may be searching for their artists/shop.


Send us your testimonials- include your first name, artist/shop info, perhaps a pic of their work along with your written testimonial. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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