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new..some questions

hey guys, im new. my name is brieanna, and im 15 (turning 16 on june 7th). im going to be taking some drawings/ideas to an artist as soon as i find a shop and then hopefully making an appointment to get my first tattoo close to/on my birthday. dont worry, im not asking where i can get it done illegally.. a parent will be there and its perfectly legal in PA to get tattooed under 18 as long as a parent/guardian is there. i know exactly what i want and ive had the design set in stone for about 1 1/2-2 years now. ive also drawn it on me day after day in sharpie in the same spot for months to make sure i never got tired of it. i never got tired of the actual design (i loved it), just got tired of drawing it on ;) anyways, you can see ive done, or at least im TRYING to do, my homework before i go and get something permanent put on me. this is why i need to ask you guys a few questions.. sorry if you've gotten any of these before im just trying to find out as much as possible so i dont put anything on me that i'll regret.

1. can anyone in eastern/southeastern PA (anywhere from levittown/philly area out to lancaster, kutztown, allentown) recommend any shops that do good, quality tattoos esp oldschool/traditional or celtic? price really isnt an issue; i'd much rather pay more for a good tattoo than something im going to regret.
2. if you've gotten tattoos done at any shops in that area, would you please post pictures of them (if you have them) and tell me how your experience was, if you were satisfied with their work, did you have to go back for re-coloring, etc? any warnings on where NOT to go around here?
3. has anyone gone to transcending flesh tattoo in lancaster or paradise lost in kutztown? what were your experiences? were you satisfied with the work?
4. any tips for drawing up your design before bringing it into an artist?

please let me know if this sort of post isnt allowed.. if its not, ill delete it. thanks for any help :)
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