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Pics of your tatts, please?

I've been thinking about starting to draw up ideas for chest & back pieces, as well as sleeves and a few other spots. I want to get started on them now so that I can add to the designs, change designs, etc over the next 2-3 years and be able to sit on the same designs, once I think I'm finished, to make sure that's what I definitely want.
If you could post pics of your:
  • "Girly" tattoos-- skulls with bows, modified teddy bears, modified hello kitty, modified dolls, etc

  • Dia de los Muertos skulls

  • Classic video games-- atari, nintendo, sega genesis, and characters such as mario/the stars & mushrooms, pac-man, sonic, tmnt, and so on

  • Flowers-- any kind

  • Celtic/mythological

  • Pinups, especially Vargas-inspired

  • Anything related to art.. especially graphic design or photography.

  • This may be a long shot, but I've seen a girl that had cupcakes/kiddie stuff but with crossbones & wings I believe?, and it was super cute. I'd love to see that again (I can't find it!).

    I know this seems like a weird mix of things, but it's not going to all be included in one piece or anything obviously, heh.

    One more question (sorry to bother you guys!) but for those of you with mom & dad tattoos, how did you decide on what image to use? Did you go by occupations, something they love, something that reminds you of them? Thanks for any help, I'm extremely appreciative :)
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