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Dark tattoo submisions needed

Hey guys I'm looking for some help...Several tattoo/body piercing shops in my area are collaberating and putting together a new professional print tattoo magazine...

SINISTER TATTOO Mag. is a groundbreaking new tattoo magazine devoted to the darker side of tattoos, you know - the skulls, monsters, the gothic, horrifying, bloody, spooky, twisted and unusual ink that we have on our flesh. As such we are looking for folks who’d like to share their tattoos and be a part of our debut issue.


It doesn’t matter what you have or how big it is as long as it is ‘dark or twisted’ in some way. If you’ve got one or two or more show them off and go ahead and send it to us and be a part of this groundbreaking new magazine!


All submissions will receive 2 issues of Sinister Tattoo magazine.


Send us your pictures to –

Or you can snail mail them to- Sinister Tattoo Magazine

                                                c/o Mario Furtado

                                                203 Main st   #130

                                                Flemington, NJ 08822


Please include your first name, artist’s name and/or shop, city & state.

DEADLINE IS APRIL 30 for the summer 07 issue.


We haven’t forgotten those of you with metal….we want you too! Got an extreme body mod? Proud of the gauge you’re at? Got more metal than flesh in your ears?  Show it off!

Send us pics of your extreme/ hardcore body mods for inclusion in our debut issue!


Got a total tattoo horror story? A piece that is so bad you think it should never see the light of day? Or just one that the artist totally crapped out on?  Share it with us and tell us your story. Mail us a pic and sound off in our special section.


FREE ad space available for interested artists/shops. Plenty of available sizes! If interested please email me at -


Don’t be afraid to show off that wonderfully dark and spooky or totally twisted piece!

Get the word out to your friends!

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