Corbeau Gothique de Cruror (ravenmdf) wrote in ink,
Corbeau Gothique de Cruror

Bad ink stories needed

I need you help...
Have bad ink? Is it so bad that you hide it or maybe it’s just one of those that didn’t turn out like it was supposed to? Sinister Tattoo Magazine is looking for your bad tattoo stories.


Tell us your story…Let us give it its last rites and exorcise the demons of a bad ink job. Let’s face it- a bad tattoo is a nightmare and what better way to deal with a nightmare than to share it?


Email us a pic of your bad tattoo and a brief description of why it’s so bad and if your pic is chosen for print then Sinister Tattoo Magazine will help cover the cost of either fixing it or covering it up at your chosen tattoo studio.


Send your entries to-

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