The pointless snide remarks of hammerheaded sharks (stargazer83) wrote in ink,
The pointless snide remarks of hammerheaded sharks

x-posted...cause I'm pissed...

Some girl (plainjane11) straight-up copied my tattoo.

HERE IS plainjane11'S VERSION:

Now, compare HER version to MINE (keep in mind that I posted this far before she posted hers):

Compare and contrast, people.

I did some investigating because I thought this was far too coincidental...and I discovered the following:

1.  This girl is in the same few tattoo communities as I am on livejournal.
2.  When I posted MY owl in ihearttattoos, SHE commented on how she liked it.
(here's a link to the might have to be friends only or whatever, but here it is for proof: )
3. She didn't post HER owl in any of the communities that I posted mine...probably because she knew she'd be found out for totally ganking my idea.
4. Not only does she have the same fucking owl tattoo, but she also opted to remove the tongue.
5. She referred to the tongue as "bubblegum-y"...which is pretty much exactly how I referred to it.
6. After I commented on her posting of her tattoo in rate_my_ink, she proceeded to delete the entry.

And you know, the main reason this totally irks me is because I loved that I'd never seen anything like it on anyone before.  I fell in immediate love and wrote a letter to the original artist.  I wonder if she even knows what the original artist's name is...I mean, I posted it, so she COULD just go back to where she ganked my idea and re-read his name.

What the fuck?
Is it not pretty much the MOST uncool thing ever to straight up copy somebody else's tattoo?
I realize that a)I didn't design this tattoo.  If I were the artist who created this piece, I'd have a lot more room to be pissed.  b) I did post pictures, and there ARE loser-faces who can't think up their own damn ideas who will take YOUR ideas and try to pass them as their own.

But whatever.

I just wanted to share this bullshit with everyone.

I mean, am I taking this far too personally? Am I supposed to totally be fine with this and not give a shit...and pretty much expect it to happen??
The tattoo isn't's a custom piece.
I dunno. Tell me if I'm totally out of line for thinking that she's totally out of line...
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